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Look for bald eagles along the creek from October to March.

Look for bald eagles along the creek from October to March.

frost flowers form at the base of the White Crownbeard

Have you seen frost flowers which form at the base of the White Crownbeard? Read more about this phenomena in our December newsletter.


Where Eagles Fly

Look for bald eagles along Spring Creek. Migratory bald eagles arrive from their northern breeding grounds in early October, remain throughout the winter, and leave to head north again by the end of March.

During the day, bald eagles are most likely found near water where they search for and feed on fish and waterfowl. They also eat carrion. On smaller tributaries such as Spring Creek, eagles are usually spaced out along the waterway. On larger bodies of water such as reservoirs with more concentrated food sources, they may be found in very large groups.

Keep your eyes peeled because you can see bald eagles nearly anywhere in northeastern Oklahoma during winter. "I have seen them flying over the Northeastern State University campus," notes Mia Revels, Professor of Biology at NSU in Tahlequah, "perched on a utility pole in downtown Tahlequah, and sitting on a cow carcass in the middle of a pasture on Highway 62!"

Keep your ears open. You may hear the impressive "whomp, whomp" sound of a large bird in flight and turn in time to see a bald eagle heading up Spring Creek.