Spring Creek Coalition

Spring Creek Fall View

Spring Creek is rated a High Quality Water

Established in 1994, the Spring Creek Coalition (SCC) is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization comprised of private landowners, residents and supporters. It is the mission of Spring Creek Coalition to unite as citizens and actively engage in the preservation of the Spring Creek Watershed.

Coalition members come together to help clean up the creek

Coalition members come together to help clean up the creek

SCC serves as a clearing-house for the exchange of information about the creek. Coalition members and supporters have a central location they can go to to report problems or get information.

We keep everyone informed through this website and our quarterly newsletters.

Hardy souls come together on a cold morning in March to plant trees.

Hardy souls plant trees on a cold morning in March 2010.

We hold events to benefit the creek and bring landowners together.

In spring we plant black walnut, pine, persimmon and other trees to help stabilize the creek banks. Trees keep the water cool, filter nutrients, slow run-off and help prevent flooding. SCC has planted over 2,100 trees in the Spring Creek watershed.

Our Fall clean-ups along public access points to the creek have removed thousands of pounds of trash from the watershed.

Stream bank erosion is a serious problem along Spring Creek

Stream bank erosion can be a serious problem along Spring Creek

SCC  promotes ongoing education. We hand out pamphlets on best management practices at events. In our newsletters and on our website we address a variety of topics such as:

  • a stream's struggle to balance flow with sedimentation
  • how to protect stream banks from erosion
  • Oklahoma's comprehensive water plan
  • where to order inexpensive trees
  • links to invasive plant and wild hog management ideas
NSU students conduct an assessment of fish at the creek

NSU students conduct an assessment of fish at the creek

Our Science Advisory Committee is a great resource for our efforts. It is made up of professors and teachers from Missouri Southern State University in Joplin, Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Tulsa Community College and other institutions as well as a representative from the Oklahoma Ecological Servies Field Office of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Professors regularly take advantage of Spring Creek to give their students hands-on field experience.

We are grateful to the students who have offered enthusiastic help in our tree plantings and other activities.

Fly ash used for road repair

Piles of fly ash deposited for road repair at Twin Bridges

SCC has no regulatory authority, but we support individuals who foresee a threat to the integrity of the Spring Creek watershed.

Some of the group issues we have explored or are in the process of exploring include:

  • The illegal use of fly ash by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation to repair roads along the creek;
  • Gravel extraction (legal) from creek beds and it's affect on upstream land;
  • The pumping of water by the Peggs Water Company from a spring along the banks of Spring Creek and its potential affect on the creek.

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